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Animal Rights History Timeline » [BCE-CE] Antiquity » Draco

Laws of Draco

Porphyry, Abstinence from Animal Food

[c245-305] Porphyry, "Law of Draco," in On Abstinence from Animal Food, Book the Fourth in The Select Works of Porphyry, trans. by Thomas Taylor (London, 1823; Online at Animal Rights History, 2003)

The following, also, is mentioned as a law of Draco: "Let this be an eternal sacred law to the inhabitants of Attica, and let its authority be predominant for ever; viz. that the Gods, and indigenous Heroes, be worshipped publicly, conformably to the laws of the country, delivered by our ancestors; and also, that they be worshipped privately, according to the ability of each individual, in conjunction with auspicious words, the firstlings of fruits, and annual cakes. So that this law ordains, that divinity should be venerated by the first offerings of fruits which are used by men, and cakes made of the fine flour of wheat. (164)

Animal Rights History Timeline: Antiquity-[BCE-c485]
Mythical-Divine Origin; Remote Antiquity; Classical Antiquity and Early Church Fathers

Animal Rights-Humane History Timeline

[7th c. BCE] Draco

First Athenian Legislator
[621 BCE] Laws of Draco

[BCE-c485] Law-Antiquity

[Mythical] Triptolemus on Ancient Athenian Laws
[Ancient Athens] Areopagites, Aeopagus Supreme Court
621 BCE: Law of Draco
500-200 BCE: Laws of Manu
3rd c. BCE: Edicts of Asoka

School of Athens by Rafael
Raphael's School of Athens

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