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Animal Rights-Humane History Timeline: Antiquity » Medieval » Renaissance » Enlightenment » Romantic Age » Victorian Age » Early 20th c.
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Animal Rights History Timeline » Antiquity: Mythical-Divine Origin; Remote-Classical Antiquity; Early Church Fathers

Animal Rights History Timeline: Antiquity [BCE-c485]

Antiquity: Mythical-Divine Origin; Remote-Classical Antiquity [BCE]
Classical Antiquity Common Era; Early Church Fathers [CE-c485]

[Ancient Animal Protection Law]
[Abstinence from Animal Food; Cruelty of Slaughter]
[Animal Rights Quotes]
[Animal Rights Law]
[Anti-Vivisection Quotes]
[Humane Education, Teaching Children Kindness to Animals]
[Hunting, Blood-Sports Cruelty]
[Poetry-Plays; Humane Poets]
[Religion-Religious Quotes
Sermons Against Animal Cruelty]
[Souls, Immortality, Future Life]
[Make Compassion the Fashion;
[Slavery of Animals]
[Strait from the Horse's Mouth:
Words from Animals Themselves]
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[BCE-c485] Antiquity
[c485-1450] Medieval Ages
[1450-1660] Renaissance
[1660-1785] Englightenment
[1785-1837] Romantic Age
[1837-1901] Victorian Age
[1901-1945 20thC-Modernism

Animal Rights History-Timeline

Animal Rights-Humane History Timeline: Antiquity

Animal Rights Activists - Animal Welfare Advocates

Authors - Humane Educators - Legislators - Poets

Activists • Advocates • Authors • Legislators • Educators

[BCE-CE] Mythical-Divine Origin; Remote-Classical Antiquity BCE

Ancient Animal Protection Laws Abstinence from Animal Food-BCE

[Mythical] Coeranus
[Mythical] Draco
[Mythical] Orpheus
[Mythical] Triptolemus
[Antiquity-Divine] Manu
[Stone Age] Cave Paintings
[Antiquity] Priests-Prophets
Ancient Religions
: Jainism,
Historic India—The doctrines of Ahimsa & Vegetarianism evolve.
[Ancient Athens] Areopagites
[8th C. BCE] Hesiod
[Mythical/621 BCE] Laws of Draco
[Divine/c500BCE] Laws of Manu
Siddhartha, Sakyamuni, Buddha
[c599-527 BCE] Mahavira
[c552-496 BCE] Pythagoras
[5th c. BCE] Antiphanes, Poet
[484-425 BCE] Herodotus
[c492-432 BCE] Empedocles
[c404-324 BCE] Diogenes-Sinope
[480-406 BCE] Euripides
[c396-314 BCE] Xenocrates
[371-287 BCE] Theophrastus
[c350-285 BCE] Dicaearchus
[3rd c. BCE] Phylarchus
[d. 276 BCE] Polemon
[c273-232 BCE] King Asoka
[c2nd-1stc BCE] Diocles of Magnesia
[106-43 BCE] Cicero
[c94-49 BCE] Lucretius
[1st c. BCE] Quintus Sextius
[1stc BCE-CE] Pythagoras Sotion
[70-19 BCE] Virgil

[CE-485] Classical Antiquity; Early Church Fathers

Ancient Animal Protection Laws
Abstinence from Animal Food-CE

[1st c. or before] Antiphanes of Delos
[43 BCE-17 CE] Ovid
[c4 BCE-65] Seneca
[1st c. CE] Chaeremon the Stoic
[23-79] Pliny the Elder
[c35-c96] Quintilian
[c46-120] Plutarch
[125-after 180] Lucian Of Samosta
[2nd c.] Athenaeus of Naucratis
[d. c215 ]Clement of Alexandria
[2nd or 3rd C.] Sextus Empiricus
[c160-230] Tertullian
[205-270] Plotinus
[c245-305] Porphyry
[3rd c.] Arnobius of Sicca
[ca 216-276] Mani, Manicheans
[c240-320] Lactantius
[329-379] St. Basil of Casearea
[354-430] Augustine of Hippo
[c347-407] St. Chrysostom
[c348-420] Saint Jerome
[354-430] Saint Augustine of Hippo

The Bookworm, Carl Spitzweb Triptolemus Plutarch Porphyry St. John Chrysostom Empedocles St. Jermome

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