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Animal Rights History Timeline » [1785-1837] Romantic Age » Samuel Jackson Pratt

Samuel Jackson Pratt



Certainly [no living author has] expatiated more on this subject [cruelty to animals] than the Author of "Sympathy," both in his poetical and prose writings. Indeed, nearly a third of a volume of the "Gleanings" of that Writer has been consecrated to this subject."—review of "The Speech [of Lord Erskine] in the House of Peers on the Second Reading of the Bill for Preventing Malicious and Wanton Cruelty to Animals, Gentleman's Magazine 27 (1809-Jul) 545-549.

Spenser and the Tradition: English Poetry 1579-1830: A Gathering of Texts, Biography, and Criticism, s.v. "Samuel Jackson Pratt (1749-1814)"

Animal Rights History Timeline: Romantic Age [1785-1837]
Romanticism; Romantic Poets

Samuel Jackson Pratt

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