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Animal Rights-Humane History

As an animal rights-humane history timeline, free online historical literature library, literary research resource and archive of primary sources against cruelty to animals, AnimalRightsHistory.Org promotes and facilitates: access to information, humane education, literary research and the preservation of historical literature on animal rights, animal welfare, and the protection of animals.

Quotes briefly introduce animal rights activists, animal welfare advocates, educators and legislators; the history of animal rights, animal welfare and protection of animals; as well as the literature of the humane movement against cruelty to animals.

Our Primary Source Historical Literature Library-Archive

documents the authenticity of quotations providing more in-depth insight into an author's ideologies and additional historical perspective on the continuing struggle for animal rights, animal welfare and protection of animals.

Laws Against Cruelty to Animals

highlight animal rights activists, animal welfare advocates, and humane legislators accomplishments for animal rights, animal welfare and the protection of animals.

Ancient Animal Protection Law
Early Prohibitions-Middle Ages
Early Anti-Cruelty Legislation
Early Pleas for Legislation
Modern Legislative Beginnings
Anti-Vivisection, Victorian Age
—Continuing Animal Protection Law

Animal Welfare-Animal Rights Articles-Letters-Reviews

Enlightenment Periodicals
Romantic Age Periodicals
Victorian Age Periodicals
Early 20thc Periodicals

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Animal Rights Poetry-Plays;

Poets-Playwrights Humane Sentiments against Cruelty to Animals; Kindness to Animals in Poetry and Plays: "Poets, the Unacknowledged Legislators of the World," Percy Bysshe Shelley


Quotes from Activists Against Vivisection, Testing on Animals, Animal Testing, Experiments on Animals, Animal Experimentation, Animal Experiments, Animal Tests, Research on Animals, Animal Research

Animal Liberation; Animal Rights Activists Direct Action for Animals

Animals in Entertainment

Quotes Against the Cruelty of the Circus, Zoos, Captivity

Blood-Sports, Hunting Quotes

Quotes against the Cruelty of Bear-Baiting, Bull-Baiting, Bullfighting, Cockfighting, Cock Throwing, Throwing at Cocks; Field Sports, Fishing, Hare Coursing, Shooting

Intelligence, Reason, Emotion

Quotes on Kinship with Fellow Beings; Fellowship, Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Animals as Brothers and Sisters.

"A wonderful resource for all of us interested in learning more about those who have spoken for the voiceless in the past."

Tom Regan, author of The Case for Animal Rights

Animal Rights-Humane History Timeline

As an ongoing effort to provide free online access to historical literature against cruelty to animals, our Animal Rights-Humane History Timeline will include not only the more noted events and activists in the history of animal rights, animal welfare and protection, but lesser known advocates against cruelty to animals as well. Please note that Animal Rights-Humane History is a work in progress and many individuals who spoke out against cruelty and for the rights of animals are not yet a part of this website. Please contact-us if you would like to become a contributing editor to Animal Rights History.

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Animal Rights History: Antiquity [BCE-c485]

Mythical-Divine Origin; Remote-Classical Antiquity [BCE-CE]
Common Era Classical Antiquity; Early Church Fathers [CE-c485]

Animal Rights History: Medieval-Dark Ages [c485-1450]

Middle Ages; Old-Middle English Literary Period

Animal Rights History: Renaissance [1450-1660]

English Renaissance and Reformation

Animal Rights History: Age of Enlightenment [1660-1785]

Enlightenment: Restoration [1660-1689]
Augustan Literary Period-Age of Pope [1689-1745]
Age of Sensibility-Age of Johnson [1745-1785]

Animal Rights History: Romantic Age [1785-1837]

Romanticism; The Romantic Poets; Romantic Age

Animal Rights History: Victorian Age [1837-1901]

Victorian Age; Beginnings of the Anti-Vivisection Movement

Animal Rights History: 20th Century-Modernism [1901-1945]

Early-Mid 20th Century-Modernism

Animal Welfare-Animal Rights Law; Animal Protection Laws

Laws, Acts, Bills, Legislation against Cruelty to Animals highlight Animal Rights Activists, Animal Welfare Advocates, and Legislators accomplishments for Animal Rights, Animal Welfare and Protection of Animals. Thomas Wentworth's Act of 1635 in Ireland, as well as Nathaniel Ward's contribution to the Massachusetts Body of Liberties of 1641 establishes laws against cruelty to animals in America an Ireland almost 200 years prior to the passage of Richard Martin's Act of 1822, a Bill to Prevent the Cruel and Improper Treatment of Cattle. Since these contributions were largely unknown until the late 20th century, the modern era of anti-cruelty legislation is usually traced back to the precedence set by "Martin's Act" and the amendments and legislative enactments against cruelty to animals that followed. And although there are anti-animal cruelty laws of mythical and divine origin, can be found within ancient mythology and religious teachings, dating back to antiquity, it is King Ashoka in the 3rd century BCE who we now credit as the first to establish not only law for the protection of animals, but the slaughter of animals as food or for sacrifice unlawful as well. ¹

Animal Rights Quotes "Rights of Animals" in Historical Literature

"Whereby [men] pretend a right to invade and violate [animals'] natural rights" (Thomas Tryon, 1684), and "with no kind advocate to plead in behalf of their invaded rights" (Clergyman, 1824), references to the rights of animals in historical literature against cruelty to animals "pleading the rights of the animal creation" (Legh Richmond, 1801) "acknowledg[ing] that there are the RIGHTS of a BEAST, as well as the RIGHTS of a MAN" (Herman Daggett, 1791) helped form "the foundation of the Rights of Animals" (Thomas Young, 1798).

Abstinence-Animal Food, Vegetarianism, Cruelty of Slaughter

Pre-socratic philosopher Pythagoras advocated a natural diet; entire essays against flesh-eating can be found as far back as the first century; and later authors continued to advocate the Pythagorean diet of fruits and vegetables. Pleas from vegetarians, remarks of individuals whose sentiments suggest they might be vegetarians—although history offers no proof—and remarks against cruelty of slaughter and eating of flesh document the history of vegetarianism.

Animal Rights Religion: Sermons, Religious Quotes-Teachings

Against Cruelty to Animals; Sacrifice, Souls, Future Life of Brutes

Humanity-Justice-Kindness to Animals; Humane Education

Against Cruelty to Animals; Teaching Children Kindness to Animals

Use-Abuse of Animals, Fur-Feathers-Leather; Slavery of Animals

Animals as Labourers, Domesticated Animals; Quotes Against the Cruelty of Fur, Feathers, Millinery; Protection of Birds; In Loving Memory of my friend and fellow activist Jennie Alvarado who coined the phrase "Make Compassion the Fashion."

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